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Calling all Fueled by Doughnuts runners!
Speedwork will be offered on Tuesday evenings starting on September 6th by Coach Liz.

Here’s the deal:
1. When and where: 6:30-7:30pm every Tuesday at the Brookdale Park track. 

We will start the workout at 6:30 but it will also be posted on a whiteboard at the track and latecomers are welcome. Workouts will be on the track or park paths and will be 4-6 miles in total including warm up and cooldown. We run rain or shine, in light and dark, with the exception of active thunderstorms and ice/snow covered track. 

2. Who should do speedwork? 

Anyone who can run at least 30 minutes without stopping. Speedwork is the gift that keeps on giving; it is a great workout and it also makes you a faster, fitter runner. Plus, it is fun. Beginner and Advanced modifications will be provided at each session. All paces are welcome! 

3. What should you bring? 

Water and a watch. Refreshments after the run will be provided. When it gets dark in the fall and winter, a running headlamp or flashlight are very helpful, but not required.

We look forward to seeing you!!

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